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The Aliens

Physical characteristics:  This blue-skinned species are bipeds with two arms and four fingers on each hand. They do not need a thumb - their fingers are arranged in two sets of opposing digits, providing outstanding dexterity.  Of all the sentient species in the explored galaxy, only Tanaracs have yet evolved the power of rudimentary psychokinesis.  They use it to control stun cords.  Tanarac physiology and DNA are not compatible with humans.  For example, their tall, thin builds require a secondary "heart" located in their pelvis to assist with circulatory needs in their lower extremities.

Averages for the race:  Height - 2.02 meters (6' 7").  Weight - 82.5kg (182lbs).  Life span - 312 Earth years. Age at sexual maturity - 45 Earth years.

Technology:  Tanaracs were the first race to achieve trans-galactic travel.  In the interest of commerce, they willingly shared this knowledge with other sentient species. Their generosity soon brought aggressors into their realm, forcing their scientists to develop the most advanced shield technology in the galaxy.  This new technology allowed them to live in peace, as they asserted their neutralty in all conflicts between other races . . . until the Galaxy-wide Human War.

Government:  Parliamentary democracy.  Military: Tanarac keeps their military state-of-the-art, believing in the concept of peace through strength.
The Heptari Empire
Home world data:

Galactic Sector:    Sector Two, with mutual defense pacts in four other Sectors
Solar Category:Single, dwarf; stable. Class F-V
Home world:   Heptari Core, Empire's capitol. Seventh of eleven planets. No
indigenous population on other planets
Planet atmosphere: Nitrogen/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide - human compatible
Surface Gravity:   121.1%  Earth-Standard
Mass (kg):               7.03 x 10^24
Planetary orbit:         Slight elliptical (eccentricity 0.004); 2.1 AU
Rotation period:    31.2 Earth hours
Revolution period:       472 Earth days

Averages for the race:  Height - 1.78 meters (5' 10").  Weight - 129.3kg (285lbs).  Life span - 175 Earth years. Age at sexual maturity - 33 Earth years.

Physical characteristics & behavior:  Evolved from reptiles, Heptaris are heavily scaled and carry a lot of muscle mass needed for the high gravity of their home world.  They have retained a functional tail which assists with balance and can be used as a fighting asset.  Intelligence lags somewhat behind other sentient species but they are adept at stealing and adapting the
technology they need.  Having large clutches of offspring, Heptaris never develop parental attachment to their children.  Survival of the fittest dictates who will reach adulthood.  Weak are allowed to die and no effort is made to correct congenital abnormalities.
The Tanarac Empire

Home world data:

Galactic Sector:    Sector Nine & small segments of three adjacent Sectors
Solar Category:Eclipsing binary star system; stable. Primary star: class G
Home world:   Tanarac, Empire's capitol. Fifth planet. No population on
                             other planets - self contained mining camps only
Planet atmosphere: Nitrogen/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide - human compatible
Surface Gravity:   92.7%  Earth-Standard
Mass (kg):               5.44 x 10^24
Planetary orbit:         Elliptical; 1.26 AU from barycenter
Rotation period:    26.1 Earth hours
Revolution period:       352.1 Earth days
Technology:  Like most races, the Heptaris received trans-galactic technology from
                   Tanarac.  As a warrior race, they used this knowledge to search the galaxy for better weaponry, purchasing or stealing such technology wherever they found it.  A great deal of their Empire's resources were assigned to build, and constantly improve, their formidable space warship fleet.

Government:  Military monarchy - ruled by a 3 or 4 member royal dictatorship called the
                    Codae.  Ascension to the Pillar of Royalty can only be achieved as an award for success in war.  When a member of the Codae dies, the most senior member on the Pillar of Ascension takes the place of the deceased.  In addition, once each year, the top three most senior members on the Pillar of Ascension have the right to challenge for a seat on the Codae.  The lowest ranking member of the Codae must then fight to the death with the challenger to remain on the Codae . . . such challenges are rare.

Military:   The Heptari Empire maintains the largest fleet in the known galaxy.  Their
               technology usually lags behind other races, so there is little concern about the size of their fleet.  In addition, Heptari is a signatory nation to the Galactic Court which arbitrates disputes between races, so risk of armed conflict is remote.