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Some of my favorite comments from readers...
KT Banks said..."If the book is as great as this website, it can't get here fast enough. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Dean Sault on facebook, I don't make friends without knowing a bit about them so in my "research" I found myself getting more and more impressed. My horoscope said something good would happen to me today. :) There is no way I could read about this story and not just Have to read the whole thing. It sounds better than Star Wars. Not what I've been into lately, like when I read the Dune series, but too good to pass up. A Great Read is a Great Read - and I know extreme talent when I see it. KT Banks"   Texas
Richard Slevin, DVM said..."The artwork is beautiful. I just ordered the book and I'm looking forward to reading it. Rich"     Costa Mesa, CA
BeerDawgSteve said..."Yo Deano!! Very nice read my friend!! I enjoyed it very much. Missed you and Sue at the reunion shows. Hope all is well you "published author" you!!!! XXOO Steve"     Sacramento
Arlo, PhD said..."Nice web page. Looking forward to reading your books. I have long been a SciFi reader... Arlo"     On the Road
Bradley Simkins said..."See you on June 20th at 12PM."  (I did a book-signing at the BOOK LOVERS BOOKSTORE in Sacramento. This is the best used bookstore I have ever seen. If you're in the Sacramento area, drop in and  introduce yourself to Bradley.
Gary M said..."Thank you for a great read! I'm very pleased with this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a fast paced, well written story that will transport the reader into a vividly depicted world. I can't wait for volume two!"     Missouri
Erick Prado said..."I enjoyed the book immensely...never a dull moment Mr.Sault has a huge fan in me...thank you."
Lancaster, CA
Mel said..."Thanks again for your help Dean . I like your writing style and I like this kind of militaristic science fiction Regards Mel"
Robert Butt said..."I love the way the book flows. It's imaginative, while at the same time, could really happen. I could see the aggressive human trait causing problems for the rest of the universe. The battle sequences were very realistic, with tactics and logic giving it a real feel. Also, seeing the battles from both commanders' point of view brought it out even better. Overall, the story was one I enjoyed, and would recommend to all my friends. I don't often read Sci-Fi books, but this is one I'm glad I did not miss."   Sacramento, CA
Pat Hoggan said..."Dean, My 11 year old son is an aviid reader. You recently gave me your book for him to read. He loved it! In fact, he said your book is one of the best he has read. please contact ne if you would like to feature your book in my store. Thank you for expanding my sons' imagination."      Citrus Heights, CA
Marc Marcantonio said..."Dean, your attractor beam sucked me in with that chapter...looking forward to reading the rest of the story! Great graphics and website. I have been a long-time fan of your writing, so I know this book will be entertaining, and the first of many more! ciao, Marc"      Steilacoom, WA
Amy said..."Hi Dean, The website looks great! The graphics are awesome. I can't wait to read the book! Congratulations, I am so happy for you. Your friend, Amy"      Maryland