Well, it's really that simple. I enjoyed writing for the magazine until I developed a medical problem that took me off the water and out of bass fishing. That was a rough time. All of a sudden, I lost my favorite pasttime. I was disappointed and bored. What would I do now?  Music or writing?
dean sault

    Beilieve it or not, I got my start as a writer through bass fishing - that's right, catching a stupid fish!  I'll bet you're wondering how fishing and writing novels relate. Truth is, I was a mediocre tournament fisherman . . . tried my best, but never figured out how to get "in the money" on a regular basis. I spent a lot of time "donating" my entry fees to big hitters like Gary Dobyns and Dee Thomas. It was discouraging, but at least I loved the sport so it was still fun.

    There's an old saying, "If you can't do it, then teach." That's exactly what I did. I began writing articles on the internet for new fishermen. It was fun and I discovered I had a knack for writing.
    One morning, as I sat in my insurance office, I got a call from a guy who introduced himself as "Bubba." I had seen his name somewhere, but wasn't too sure who he was. Turns out, "Bubba" was the editor of a great, full-color print magazine called Inside Line, owned by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. He got right to the point. "I've read a lot of your on-line stuff and I'd like you to write for my magazine."

    I thought it was a joke until Bubba warned that there would come a time when I'd take his name in vain for the editorial changes he would make to my work.  He was SO right!
    "Bubba" is pretty smart, for a fisherman. One time he warned me against making my fishing hobby into a full time job. Why? He said, "Cause then you lost your hobby" . . . those special activities that help you restore your enthusiasm for life.

    I thought about his advice. Music would stay a hobby. I'd write all those novels that patiently waited their turn for some attention.

    That's pretty much how it all came to pass. The Last Human War was conceived way back in 1977, but it languished in a file cabinet for nearly 30 years. Writing for Inside Line Magazine, and moral support from Jerry "Bubba" Puckett, gave me the confidence to take the plunge. Thanks, Jerry.

    Why science fiction? Simple. I've been an avid sci-fi reader since I first discovered "Galactic Derelict" by Andre Norton in my early teen years, yes, a long time ago! My love for this genre found its ultimate expression when I wrote The Last Human War, a story I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

The end . . . for now.
Option 1:    Music - I've been playing guitar since I was sixteen. Maybe this would be a good time to start one of those old-fart bands that rock out the oldies.
Zack - keeps me company while I  write.
Dink (means small fish)  - my other writing      buddy.
Option 2:    Writing - Over the years, I started a few stories during "empty" motel hours, at bass tournaments. This might be the right time to complete those novels.
Author, tournament years
Author (left) & Larry Hemphill (Bass Guide & friend)
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    Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by my "bio" page. I guess you're wondering how, or perhaps why, I became a "writer" of science fiction. It's a long, convoluted story but here is an abridged version. Thanks again, for dropping by . . . dean
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