Three hundred years passed since the end of the galaxy-wide Human War.  Alien scientists on the planet of Tanarac spent most of that time manipulating the DNA of  their captives.  They hoped that one day a less aggressive human species might be able to live in peace with the other sentient races of the galaxy.

    The Heptari Empire suspects their former Tanarac allies of hiding secret colonies of human descendants.  At the end of the Human War, Tanarac promised to allow their POWs to die off naturally.  They lied.   Now, the Heptari Royal Codae  threatens to "finish the job" of exterminating all  humans, a genocide they began three hundred years before.

    Will Tanarac surrender their prisoners to be killed at the hands of the Heptaris?  Or, does a more sinister motive underlie the surprise arrival of powerful Heptari starships at the Tanarac capitol world?

    Survival of mankind, and indeed the Tanarac race, will depend on the actions of a young human who escapes from a Tanarac POW camp . . . a mining plow operator with an unexpected power . . . Simon of Striker Twelve.
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